Frequently asked questions

Can I look at, or even trace my personal reference images in-game?

Yes, there’s a fully featured floating web browser in-game. You can search for reference images there, or log into Dropbox or a similar service to access your own files. You can project the browser onto the canvas, allowing you to trace, making painting a whole lot more accessible by taking away the challenge of freehand drawing.

Do I have the rights over my painting?

Yes, you have full rights over your art. Check for the full terms of service.

Am I allowed to sell my art?

Yes, you can sell your art. Check for the full terms of service.

How can I share my paintings as images from Quest?

On the floating screen, select the Export tab by clicking the share icon button. From here, you can export your painting as a photo taken in the studio, or only the painting itself either with lighting (Gallery) or without (Neutral). You can save it to the Downloads folder from there. This allows the paintings to be synchronized to the Quest mobile phone app automatically.

If you don’t know if you’ve enabled cloud sync, open the Files app on your Quest, and make sure that cloud sync is enabled by hovering over the cloud icon in the top right corner. You can check that your export is synchronized by opening the Downloads folder in the Files app. Under each image, the text “Synced” or “Not synced” will appear.

Once synchronized, you will find your painting on your phone by opening the Meta Quest mobile app and going to Menu > Gallery.

Can I adjust the glare on the painting?

Yes, the easel lamp has a slider you can grab. Slide it to the left to reduce or remove the glare on the painting. This carries over in the Gallery export as well.

How can I back up my paintings?

You can copy the painting saves over USB, by connecting your Quest to your PC or Mac. Once connected, you may have to accept USB connections by looking inside the headset. Your Quest will now show up as a USB drive in Explorer or Finder. The painting exports are saved in Android/data/xyz.theaviary.vermillion/files/Paintings.

My paint brush is erasing paint!

This is because you have a lot of paint thinner on the brush, palette, or mixing tray, which is diluting the paint. Reset your brush or palette to get rid of it, or clean the mixing tray.

Am I allowed to make NFTs?

I would advise you not to. NFTs are not a good way to sell art. They don’t actually prove ownership and are often the subject of scams – nothing stops someone else from minting your painting again, for instance. Yet, the cryptocurrency transactions require large amounts of energy. A single Ethereum transaction has the equivalent carbon footprint of 327,111 VISA transactions or 24,598 hours of watching YouTube.

NFTs main purpose is to increase cryptocurrency sales, rather than giving artists a new tool for appropriation. I would suggest learning more about NFTs, and cryptocurrency in general, by listening to this talk:

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